Forging Manipulators

1 ton (2,200 lbs) Glama model GSM 10/16R Rail Bound Forging Manipulator new 1990
Manufacturer: Glama
New in 1990, this Manipulator is in excellent working condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Reference 24309
Model GSM 10/16R
Carrying capacity 2,200 lbs
Moment capacity at the tongs 5.8 ft/tons
Tongs opening range for rds & sqrs 4.7" to 15.9"
Max tongs turning circle 34"
Peel straight line parallel lift 35.4"
Peel side shift either side 5.9"
Travel speed 165 ft/min
Tong jaws clamping force 36,300 lbs
Tongs opening/closing time 5 sec full stroke
Machine weight on rails 22,000 lbs
It comes with a number of unused spare parts.

It may be viewed at our Massachusetts USA warehouse on request.
65 ton Demag Hydraulik Rail Bound Forging Manipulator Demag Hydraulik
Manufacturer: Demag Hydraulik
Well maintained, this manipulator is available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Reference 24382
Manufacturer Demag Hydraulik
Rated limiting capacity65 tons
Load moment rating 150 meter tons
Tongs opening w/o inserts 13" to 78.7"
Max truning diameter 120"
Tongs ctr height above rails 51" to 110"
Horizontal tongs side shift 9.8"
Distance btwn rail centers 165.4"
Max travel speed 31.5"/sec
Main electric motor power (4) 132 kW (177hp 480V) motors
Approx total weight on rails 240,000 kgs (530,000 lbs)
Manipulator is Complete with:
• Rexroth Oil Hydraulic system w/(4) 285 L/Min pumps
• (4) 132kW GE motors (700hp) powering (4) Rexroth pumps
• PLC Control System married to the New Controls Package
• Tongs Jaws Inserts
• Rexroth Servo Valve

We have removed this manipulator from the plant where we purchased it. It is dismantled and ready for delivery.