C&S Parts Finishing Machinery

C&S Multi-Action Barrel Finishing Machine
Condition: New
For Large batch loads with tapered sidewalls for high production.
C&S Rota-Matic Finishing Machine
Condition: New
Manufacturer: C&S Engineering
Large batch processing of small component parts such as metal stampings - cold headed parts - screw machine parts and many others. Labor saving automatic unloading and separation of parts and media internally
Multi-Action Barrel Finishing Machine
Price: $9500
Model: Model-SCTS
Condition: Used
Model-SCTS Capacity- 3,000 lbs---10cubic ft
Model-SCTS Capacity- 3,000 lbs---10cubic ft
Approx 53" wd x 55 1/2 " FTB (20.4 sq. ft)
Height-approx. 95"
Standard electric motor with shaft mounted speed reducer
1 3/4" thick barrel body
Taper sides for multi action tumbling Pressure vent
Flexidyne Coupling for smooth starting of heavy loads
Electrical controls
Compact design
Completely enclosed with tilt-back guard
2 Machines are available
All offers will be considered
Rota-Matic Parts Finishing Machine
Price: $19500
Model: Model M
Condition: Used
Automatic Parts Processing with internal separation of parts and media
Previously used for parts drying via corn cob media.
Parts are processed with the drum turning clockwise
After processing, the parts and media are automatically unloaded and separated by simply reversing the drum rotation
The parts are then discharged out the end of a perforated metal tube and the media is reclaimed in the 2nd compartment for processing the next load
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